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How Much Do You Make With Avon?

Your earnings level match your efforts and your passion.  The opportunity to grow your sales is matched only by your determination.  As you sell Avon products remember to invite others to become an Avon Representative.  Your success is unlimited!  You must Believe in You!  Below is a chart to help you visualize the earnings potential.

$0 – $49                    0%

$50 – $149              20%

$150 – $294            30%

$295 – $439            35%

$440 – $924            40%

$925 – $1574          45%

$1575 or more       50%

The average Avon representative earns 30% – 35% on his or her sales.  You have the opportunity to earn more when you have higher sales. Earning opportunities through face-to-face and your personalized online eStore.

Your demo products, samples, sales tools, and brochures count toward your total campaign order and your credit limit.  You will receive full earnings, with the exception of fixed earnings on products indicated by the four diamond symbols together ( ♦ ) in the brochure.

Online eStore earnings are 20% and those Avon sales are combined with your face-to-face sales and that will increase your overall commissioned earnings.

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